Course offering: Artists’ Film – from idea to project

Course offering: ARTISTS’ FILMS


A 2 month course to support beginning filmmakers

This course is aimed at students, recent graduates and artists in general, who coming from a visual arts background, wish to step into filmmaking, and successfully develop moving-image projects for screenings at festivals, cinemas and art spaces.

This trajectory will guide you from idea to project, teaching and helping you to create a strong project dossier in order to approach production companies, funding bodies, pitching labs, and so on. We will also be working on a personal strategy for your specific project: who to contact, where to apply, when, etc.

We will cover introductions to a broad range of topics, including an analysis of the field and professional landscape, what possibilities are out there for you, as well as writing treatments, statements, and finding the right context for your project to flourish. The workshop encompasses 4 group sessions of two hours each, as well as 2 individual sessions in which we will work on your materials, develop your ideas on paper and get them ready for the next steps towards production.

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