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vr t/m zo 12.00-17.00. Ook op afspraak. Toegang gratis.

Energieplein 69
2031 TC Haarlem

+31 (0)23 54 51 581
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Every week on Wednesday 1:00 pm, neighbors, studio makers, Team Nieuwe Vide and artists from the exhibitions eat together. Everyone is welcome, also dogs!

We have a group of neighbours and artists, but there is enough soup for everyone who walks in. So it is not necessary to make a reservation. You can join us for a soup, we ask a small fee of € 2,50. We also offer a ticket strip that costs € 20 for which you can get soup 10 times.

Every week on Wednesday


€2,50 1x
Ticket strip: €20,- 10x

Nieuwe Vide’s Journal of Humanity