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Would you like to learn more about contemporary art with your school class? The Nieuwe Vide can make it happen.

The Nieuwe Vide focuses on small-scale education projects for secondary education because they are well-suited to the size and nature of our organisation. Our education course explains the theme of an exhibition on show at the Nieuw Vide and how the participating artists think and work. The pupils apply their acquired knowledge in workshops. They reflect on what they have seen, familiarise themselves with the art world and create work. The workshops are based on process-oriented didactics. Through orientation and exchange of ideas, pupils form their own frame of reference which in turn stimulates dialogue.

The workshops are given by professional artists, illustrators and other makers.

Do you want to follow a workshop at the Nieuwe Vide with your school class? Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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Nieuwe Vide also participates in Meet Art Now, a programme about contemporary visual arts for MBO and HBO secondary education pupils from in and outside Haarlem.

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Bookings for workshops are processed via Meet Art Now.

Nieuwe Vide has organized long-running educational projects that culminate in exhibitions like Nieuwe Vide Academy.

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