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Nieuwe Vide is an art platform and cultural hub where experiment and talent development are central. Together we build on the activist ideals and do-it-yourself mentality that formed the basis of our institution. We do this through our exhibition space and activities. In addition to an exhibition space, Nieuwe Vide has studio space for 35 artists, a workshop space, a neighborhood canteen, and soon a library. Our artistic program is carried out by means of exhibitions, educational programs, film evenings, workshops and we support the development of new work with artist-in-residencies. Our mission is to offer Haarlem a unique place where exciting, innovative art is given a stage and where experimentation can take place. Nieuwe Vide is a place where different artists, creative makers and powerful people come together, collaborate, and where visitors experience contemporary art.
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Nieuwe Vide is jointly managed by a curator-director, supported by PR and administrative staff members.
Together they form the artistic team. Click here for the profiles and the information about the team and here for more information about the board.

Nieuwe Vide’s roots lie in the squatting movement of the 1990s, when a group of artists and housing activists squatted the Olympia Pakhuis on the Kinderhuissingel in Haarlem to establish a creative and resilient cultural community. We believe that art helps to both expand minds and facilitate critical thinking, and that these are staple ingredients for taking action and bringing about positive social change.  More than thirty years later, the evolving community of Nieuwe Vide still includes early squatters and has become a home to the youngest generation of creatives and activists.

We are committed to making space for visual artists and encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations by bridging music, technology, dance and drag. Our perspective on developments in art and society is international and progressive. Since the beginning of our existence, we have brought international artists to Haarlem and encourage exchanges with the local art scene. 

Nieuwe Vide has been a driver of collaboration between Haarlem art institutions and artist initiatives for thirty years and builds bridges to the national and international arts field. Nieuwe Vide is the bridge between established museums, such as the Frans Hals Museum and the Teylers Museum, and artist initiatives such as Studio MAPA, de Pletterij, Het Grafisch Atelier and HorizonVerticaal. Together with 37PK we are committed to talent development and manage Haarlem’s only international artist residency DOC4. We work together with higher art education to shape intensive working weeks with students.

Nieuwe Vide believes that social involvement, creativity and collectivity go hand-in-hand. At Nieuwe Vide we encourage calling on each other to share knowledge and talents . For example, during the development of new work, we can enlist the help of studio tenants for professional knowledge; international artists share their practical or global social insights; anyone who has business expertise likes to think along with others. Our community strength has proven to be the condition for our survival. We have already been able to face several challenges together, in the areas such as housing, finances, politics and recently the pandemic.


Our mission is to form a sustainable artistic community that contributes and gives back to society through its activities. The way we program and create inform how we see both physical and experimental space, led and supported by changemakers. We want to accelerate the path to an inclusive future and explicitly make room for people who are being held back by our current capitalist society, such as young people, queer people, people with a migration background or people with economic disadvantage.

We inject the otherwise neat Haarlem,with the necessary progressive impulses. We want to inspire our audience with this attitude. Nieuwe Vide chooses an accessible approach to its visitors and we emphasize their options to participate. We take care of this experimental space with our 35 studio tenants and approximately 150 others who are closely involved in different ways on an annual basis, as artists, educators, through a collective or as a participating audience. Many visitors or participants have become volunteers, find a home in one of the communities that meet with us, or are given a voice in an exhibition.


Nieuwe Vide builds on a tradition of presentation and production of socially involved art. Over the past five years we have developed emphatically into a place that moves at the intersection of art and activism; Through the art projects we not only consider the world around us, we encourage action, inspire positive impact and develop the tools with artists and participants to achieve this.
Our activities and actions are rooted in the following core values:

Artistic platform & cultural hub in balance
Nieuwe Vide is an art platform and cultural hub, two collaborative functions that we use to realize our mission. As an art platform, we realize an artistic program, with new productions, and we make new artistic and social trends available to the public. As a cultural hub, we offer development opportunities for artists, the makers in our studios, involved collectives, and participants in educational programs. The cultural hub offers depth to the art platform, and the art platform gives new impulses to the cultural hub. By maintaining the guideline that at least two-thirds of the studios are rented by professional artists, we ensure a strong artist centered community. Rather than working with a waiting list, when a studio becomes available to rent, we evaluate and collectively choose new tenants that  contribute to what is needed at that moment to strengthen our cultural ecosystem.

Curatorial Activism & centering collectivity
With our program we create space for reflection and dialogue about accessibility, privilege, the layered nature of our personal identities, and the complexity of diverse perspectives with which we (can) view the world. We prefer work that informs us about forms of oppression and specifically works toward liberation. Nieuwe Vide actively works on growing   as a circular community, where we develop, pass on and maintain skills together. We initiate projects that unfold in groups and thus stimulate the emergence of new collectives. We expect the artists we invite to show interest and investment in our broader communities, and we in return embrace them as full participants in Nieuwe Vide.

A queer and intersectional foundation
We operate on a queer and intersectional foundation. We feel a healthy resistance to normative social frameworks that require people to conform to clear and one-dimensional identity expressions. For us, the principle of queering means celebrating the idiosyncrasies, the (mix of) personal preferences, interests and creative forms of self-expression that makes humanity a beautiful kaleidoscope. Although often presented as connecting, we see that ‘normativity’  excludes and limits. We embrace the liberating nature intrinsic to queerness that it encourages exploration of identity and experience. For us, this goes hand in hand with promoting intersectional thinking and action. By focusing on intersectionality, we sharpen our awareness that the way in which one deviates from the ‘norm’ is different for everyone. These differences depend on visible and invisible properties. We understand that this can mean an accumulation of challenges in the fight for self-determination.

At Nieuwe Vide we believe that organizing and facilitating belong together. We continually work towards different forms of accessibility. Therefore we offer cultural initiatives and collectives  spaces to meet, present, and exchange knowledge. We offer informal guidance in the development of artistic projects, facilitate presentation space if the agenda allows it, and do not hesitate to give visibility to the social messages of third parties if they are in line with our mission.

 Act with care, time and intention
We work with care, make time for each other and work with intention. There is space to breathe in our activities calendar; exhibitions and the run-up to them are relatively long. We immerse ourselves in the needs of the makers and move with change. We adopt a flexible approach, honor ideas and actively attract people with  knowledge and skills that align and further the values and mission of Nieuwe Vide. Looking back and evaluating together are crucial parts of our working method, to ensure safe and open forms of communication – even when this is difficult or confrontational.



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