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We are Nieuwe Vide

Nieuwe Vide is:

  • Room for experiment
  • Opinionated and contrarian
  • Soup!

Nieuwe Vide is an arts podium and creative breeding ground that originated out of Haarlem’s local squatter’s movement. Today we continue to build on the activistic ideals and DIY mentality that forms the basis of our institution. In deference to these roots, the cultural hotbed at the heart of the Vide community is constantly looking for ways to link art and society and connects with other people via art, communal meals and a friendly atmosphere.

At the Nieuwe Vide, we are convinced that art can help us to think about new ways to view and organize the world. We relate subjects and theories that inspire us to every-day and recognizable phenomena in an easily accessible way and would even like to go one step further by putting into practice the ideas we discuss. The Nieuwe Vide opposes the patriarchal norms that still dominate modern society; instead it opts to endorse collectivity, appreciation, care, consultation and emotion. This leads us to address topical subjects like capitalism, feminism and digital culture, unafraid of evolving with the times.

Well anchored in this world, the Nieuwe Vide looks to the future.

Opening hours
During exhibitions:
Fri to Sun 12:00 – 17:00
And by appointment
Free access

Energieplein 69
2031 TC Haarlem

+31 (0) 23 54 51 581


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