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Nieuwe Vide is an exhibition space and an artistic community hub that focuses on experimentation and talent development. Today we continue to build on the activist ideals and DIY-mindsets that form the basis of our institution. We do this through our programme of exhibitions and activities that provide new (inter)national artistic talent with the opportunity to experiment and further develop their artistic practice. In addition, we maintain studio spaces for over 35 local artists. It is our mission to create a space in Haarlem where exciting new art can be developed through experimentation.

A DIY mindset is part of our DNA, which is what makes our space stand out. Nieuwe Vide originated in the 1990s through a collaboration between artists and the local squatting movement. Their primary goal was to create a space where artistic creation and exhibitions could coexist; a place where a constant need for artistic experimentation is combined with social engagement. Without romanticising these foundational ideals, we want to rethink them and apply them to our current situation. We are constantly searching for ways to connect art and society to help facilitate thinking about new ways to view and organize the world. We want to connect subjects and theories to every-day situations in ways that inspire us.

Nieuwe Vide is jointly managed by two co-directors/curators, supported by PR and administrative staff members.
Together they form the artistic team. Click here for the profiles and the information about the team and here for more information about the board.

Opening hours
During exhibitions:
Fri to Sun 12:00 – 17:00
And by appointment
Free access

Energieplein 69
2031 TC Haarlem

+31 (0) 23 54 51 581


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