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Do you need a space for a workshop, rehearsal or meeting? Nieuwe Vide rents out two different spaces in its building. So if you want to organize a workshop, company outing, work drink or other event in an old industrial building at the centre of the creative sector? Then you have come to the right place at Nieuwe Vide.

Nieuwe Vide is located on the Stroom site in the Waarderpolder, a 10-minute walk from Haarlem trainstation. From 1902 to the 1970s, this site was a power station, and the building where Nieuwe Vide is currently  located in used to be the management and staff offices. Nieuwe Vide moved into this building in 1994, and it is a contemporary art space and creative breeding ground.

Project Space
This spacious room can be used for all kinds of activities: workshops, meetings, theater or dance rehearsals, experiments with art, lectures, etc. The room can accommodate between 30-60 people depending on the activity. There is a screen, beamer, and blackout curtains available. Click on the photos to see them better.

Exhibition Space
It is also possible to rent our exhibition space, and to meet, have a drink or do a workshop between contemporary art. This space can accommodate between 80-100 people depending on the activity. There is a darkened room where movies can be played. It is possible to place a screen in the room. Every exhibition is different, so rental conditions may vary depending on the art on display. If there is an exhibition, it is also possible to book a guided tour!

Do you want catering during your event? Nieuwe Vide can also arrange this for you.

Click on the images to see them better.

Nieuwe Vide uses a sliding scale rate depending on income, organization and profit motive. For more information about room rental, and to request a quote, please contact us.
The contact person for rental is Kris Lauwen