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Corona Access Pass at openings and events

In the context of the guidelines of the RIVM we ask all visitors to show a Corona Access Pass during openings and events before they enter Nieuwe Vide.

24 November 2021

GOLF-festival postponed

GOLF Live has been postponed due to the new Corona-measures. That means that evening of December 17 at Nieuwe Vide is cancelled. For up-to-date information about GOLF-festival click here


3 November 2021

Show QR code during visit Nieuwe Vide

According to the new rules of the RIVM we ask people to show their QR code at Nieuwe Vide when they visit the exhibition.

17 September 2021

Nieuwe Vide Radio

This time our guest on Nieuwe Vide Radio is artist Juliacks. Her work can be viewed in Nieuwe Vide’s online zine ‘Metamorphosis. On future bodies and living identities’ (

We talk about her upcoming novel Transversal Scepters, the inception of the first prison in Haarlem and how the system of incarceration is connected to capitalism.



This podcast is made by the team of Nieuwe Vide. This time the presentation and editing was done by Sietske Roorda. Many thanks to Menzo Schrik for the jingle.

Listen to all podcasts of Nieuwe Vide Radio via Spotify


16 June 2021

Volunteers wanted!

Do you want to work in a creative place between exciting new art?

Nieuwe Vide is looking for surveillants to help with our exhibitions. Your work consists of opening and starting the exhibition, welcoming and guiding visitors, and closing the exhibition at the end of the day. And in the future, we also need your help with openings. It is possible to start after the summer holidays.

We are looking for people who can work independently and are reliable. Knowledge about art is not a requirement. As long as you are enthusiastic and interested.

We offer you:
-a look behind the scenes at an artspace
-knowledge about contemporary art
-a community of creatives
-help with a career in the arts
-volunteer compensation

Send a short email introducing yourself to

2 June 2021

Nieuwe Vide open

From Saturday 5 June Nieuwe Vide is open to public again. You can visit the current exhibition Queer Diasporas by reserving a timeslot. Please read our Covid-19 safety measures before your visit.

26 May 2021

New Address, Same Location

Per 1 June 2021 Nieuwe Vide has a new address:

Energieplein 69,
2031 TC Haarlem

However, our location stays exactly the same.

25 November 2020

NRC reaction

NRC Handelsblad publiceerde op 31 oktober 2020 een schokkend artikel over verdenkingen van ernstig seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag, racisme en geweld binnen de beeldende kunstsector. We zijn geschokt en verdrietig over de inhoud van dit artikel, en onze gedachten gaan uit naar alle mensen die te maken hebben gehad met dit (met name seksueel) geweld. We hebben bewondering voor hun moed om met deze verhalen naar buiten te komen.

De betreffende persoon heeft in 2013 meegewerkt aan een expositiereeks bij Nieuwe Vide. Met de kennis van nu betreuren wij het enorm dat hem hierdoor destijds een podium is gegeven voor zijn beeldend werk. Binnen Nieuwe Vide streven we naar een veilige en prettige werkomgeving, waarin absoluut geen plaats of podium is voor welk grensoverschrijdend gedrag dan ook. Wij willen bijdragen aan een beeldende kunstsector waarin dergelijk gedrag niet getolereerd of genegeerd wordt, en er tijdig wordt gesignaleerd en juist wordt gehandeld wanneer dit het geval is. Mensen die behoefte voelen om een verhaal of ervaring met ons te delen zijn altijd welkom om contact op te nemen of langs te komen, of kunnen een melding doen via

Als organisatie hebben we de verantwoordelijkheid om een ruimte te scheppen waar kunstenaar, medewerker, student, bezoeker en studiomaker zich veilig voelen. Met het huidige team werken we actief aan het doorbreken van de patriarchale structuren, zowel binnen het programma als in de werkwijze. Dit doen we door respectvol met elkaar om te gaan en zorgvuldig na te denken over met wie we samenwerken. Door ook kritisch te zijn op ons eigen doen en laten. Zo werken we met zijn allen aan een beter, inclusiever en positief kunstklimaat.

25 November 2020

Nieuwe Vide online

Nieuwe Vide has had to close its doors because of Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to do anything in these uncertain times. We will show online what Nieuwe Vide has to offer when it comes to art, culture and political engagement.

The latest edition of Nieuwe Vide’s Journal of Humanity with the theme Staging the Absurd is now available online for free. Absurdism is central to Nieuwe Vide’s program of 2020. We relate the absurdism of current international politics and the role that online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube play in spreading ‘news’ to the Absurdist Theater from the beginning of the twentieth century. After all, this form of theater emerged in a period of social and political instability, which has many characteristics of our current situation. This issue contains contributions from Michiel Westbeek, Dorothy Hunter, Kalib Batta and Eric Peter.

There will also be an Online Zine as a result of the exhibition TMI: searching for truth in the post-truth era. This exhibition is temporarily canceled due to Covid-19. Still, in these uncertain times, when there is an abundance of information about the Corona virus and it is difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, we think it is important to give attention to this topic. The artists Alexandra Hunts, belit sağ, Lyubov Matyunina and Toon Fibbe show in the Online Zine how they deal with the changing information landscape and the constant flow of (unreliable) information and how they resist it.

We are also proud to present Nieuwe Vide Radio. In this podcast, curator Liesbeth Visee and project coordinator Ytje Veenstra interview studio artists and artists from the Nieuwe Vide network about their art practice.

Finally, Nieuwe Vide gives you a weekly recipe on Wednesday to make a delicious vegetarian soup. This is to compensate for our Soup Corner every Wednesday afternoon, which is now canceled.

Also check @tekenorleaveit on Instagram. This open drawing evening is every other week at Nieuwe Vide, but now you can participate in the online version. The upcoming online version is April 1st at 19.00.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest online activities!

24 November 2020

We’ve missed the cut!

In September 2020, 38 art institutes were awarded multi-year Arts Podia subsidies by the Mondriaan Fonds.
However 14 institutes with a positive assessment ‘missed the cut’ because there was insufficient budget. Regrettably Nieuwe Vide is one of those 14 institutes. We therefore appeal to you to make your voice heard and declare your solidarity with our petition to the ministry asking it to permanently raise the budget for art presentation institutes. We hope that the programmes of the 14 remaining art institutes will be funded in some way nonetheless. To strengthen our sector in the long run, an annual sum of € 950.000 is needed.

Share #nietonderdezaaglijn and support Nieuwe Vide and other art institutes.


Read the action letter here.

24 November 2020

We’re looking for new premises!

In September 2021 we will be forced to vacate our current accommodation due to rent increases for the Nieuwe Energie terrain. The exhibition space and all the artists and creative entrepreneurs based here are searching for a new location in Haarlem. The city needs a venue like the Nieuwe Vide. In addition to an exhibition space and studios, we function as launch pad for aspirant artists. Often they receive a budget to produce new work. At the Nieuwe Vide (interdisciplinary) collaborations originate while artists can also exploit the institute’s wide-ranging (inter)national network. Nieuwe Vide helps to put Harlem’s professional art scene on the map. To that end it receives subsidy from the Mondriaan Fonds.

13 November 2020

Extra visitor info: Covid-19

In connection with measures to combat Covid-19, the majority of our team is currently working from home. For that reason we cannot always be reached by phone. For questions, please contact us via 
Toilets at the Nieuwe Vide are temporarily closed to visitors due to Covid-19. Thank you for your understanding.
We ask you to follow the directions of our staff; mostly (young) volunteers who act as attendants during exhibitions. Their job it is to make sure all safety regulations are observed during your visit. Please treat them with respect!

4 November 2020

Vrijwilligers gezocht!






Nieuwe Vide is a fun, committed organization that offers an interesting and diverse workplace for volunteers with a broad program. To ensure that you can find a nice place within our team, we are looking for volunteers who want to commit to the organization for at least one year.

If you are interested you can call us or send an email to

23 October 2020

COVID-19 Measures








 Due to new Covid-19 measures that took effect on September 30 2020, it is necessary to make a reservation.

Nieuwe Vide uses the Protocol for the protection and safety of employees and visitors for presentation institutions drawn up by De Zaak Nu. In the context of these guidelines, we ask visitors to take into account the following measures:

  • All visitors keep 1.5 meters apart, except for people who belong to the same household.
  • We urgently ask visitors to wear a facemask.
  • Visitors provide their contact details upon entry, and state that they have no health complaints that may be related to Covid-19. Visitors cannot be admitted without this registration.
  • A maximum of 6 visitors can be present in the exhibition space at the same time.
  • The toilets for visitors are unfortunately closed, we ask for your understanding.
  • Follow directions from staff and volunteers.
  • Come if possible with your own transport.

In addition, the general guidelines of RIVM apply:

  • Stay home with complaints.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap.
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow.

Due to the measures surrounding Covid-19, a large part of our team currently works from home. That is why we are less available by phone. For questions you can contact us at

14 June 2019

Liesbeth Visee curator at Nieuwe Vide

After the departure of former director Lennard Dost in January 2019, the Nieuwe Vide asked Liesbeth Visee to become curator. Previously Visee had worked as project coordinator for more than 4 months at the Nieuwe Vide. After Dost left, Ytje Veenstra served as interim director until May 2019 but has now reverted to her previous role as project coordinator at the Nieuwe Vide. Visee studied Liberal Arts & Sciences with special focus on art history and gender studies. She also has a master degree in Modern and Contemporary Art from Edinburgh University. Visee writes about contemporary art and supervises projects relating to art in the public domain for 37PK in Haarlem.


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