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03.04 Movement Jam

Movement Jam:  2 april, 15:00-18:00uur

The jam is an open floor for those who would like to experiment with music and movement. This invitation is also extended to those who would just like to watch.

The jam will start with an introductory warm up, followed by guided thematic sections. For example, one 45 minute section will have the theme of composition. The sections will be announced at the jam.  If you have questions please feel free to contact Candela at

Bring instruments!

Entrance is free and drinks will be available to buy. Doors open at 15:00u.

This is part of the project Humanji 

29.03 Teken or Leave it: Workshop by Candela Murillo

TOL Workshop: an exploration of movement and materials with Candela Murillo
29.03.2023, 19:00-22:00h

During this workshop Candela will lead us through a playful exploration of the interaction between movement and materials. What effect does physically holding a hard object, in contrast to spreading powder or moving around liquid, have on a creative process? What if it is not only your hand that is responsible for the creation of an image, but a foot or an entire body? Participants will experience how all kinds of bodies can be used in different ways to leave behind images and creations.

Please bring old clothes that can get dirty.

We have only 15 spots for this workshop so please reserve your spot with by Tuesday March 28th, 2023.

Cost: €10 for a drop-in workshop, or €8,50 when you purchase a 10x workshop punchcard. If you cannot pay but would still like to attend, please contact to hear about our sliding scale options. Also check our website for sliding scales:

This workshop is part of our residency project: Humanji.


On the 12th of April there will be another Teken or Leave it: Open Draw edition. “drawing bodies in motion”


05.03. Finissage Untold Unfold

UNTOLD-UNFOLD Finissage 15:00u – 17:00u
Met muziek van Roelof Ruis.

Kom voor een drankje op de laatste dag van de expositie Untold – Unfold.
Met werk van Meli Kuhn, Marianne Lammersen & Candela Murillo.

In de tentoonstelling UNTOLD – UNFOLD reageerden de drie kunstenaars Meli Kuhn, Marianne Lammersen en Candela Murillo via hun werk op een woelige wereld die voortdurend aan verandering onderhevig is. Vertrekpunt is de constante zoektocht binnen in jezelf naar een verhouding tot deze wereld. Het gebeurt niet dáár, maar hier. Niet in snelheid, maar in vertraging. Niet in onrust, maar in stilte.

Sculpturen, performance, film, schilderijen – de ruimte wordt via verschillende media betast. De beelden onderzoeken, zonder te vinden of concluderen. Zij komen voort uit verlangens, fantasieën, nog onduidelijk en onbepaald, aftastend en groeiend. De werken bieden een alternatieve ervaring van een leven en wereld waar de ratio te vaak de overhand heeft. In die wereld waar de buitenkant, de eerste indruk, de schreeuw, het (harde) uitgesproken woord, de duiding en gevestigde structuur geregeld een platte ervaring voorschotelt, zoeken zij naar manieren hun omgeving van binnenuit te begrijpen. Van analyse en ontleding, tot vlucht en verstilling.

In plaats van naar buiten, kijken we in UNTOLD – UNFOLD eerst naar binnen

Volunteers wanted!

Do you want to work in a creative place between exciting new art?

Nieuwe Vide is looking for surveillants to help with our exhibitions. Your work consists of opening and starting the exhibition, welcoming and guiding visitors, and closing the exhibition at the end of the day. And in the future, we also need your help with openings. It is possible to start after the summer holidays.

We are looking for people who can work independently and are reliable. Knowledge about art is not a requirement. As long as you are enthusiastic and interested.

We offer you:
-a look behind the scenes at an artspace
-knowledge about contemporary art
-a community of creatives
-help with a career in the arts
-volunteer compensation

Send a short email introducing yourself to

8 March 2023

15.03 Teken or Leave it

Teken Or Leave it – 15.03.2023, 19:00h – 22:00h

Teken or Leave It is a twice monthly evening for illustrators, makers and people who love to create.
During these evenings we can collaborate, learn from each other, or just work separately but alongside one another on individual projects. But most importantly Teken or Leave It is a moment in time to relax and create.

This time the open draw will be hosted by Sarah Gillespie. Sarah is an artist, committee member at Generator Projects, and via our StudioSwap with our own Judith Pool currently our studio swap resident at Nieuwe Vide Artspace. She is a professional paper folder, and finder of lost things in Dundee, Scotland.
Bring your own material and projects you are working on, ideas, or whatever you’d like. We will provide space and some material will be available to use and experiment with.
One evening a month will be an open draw and the other evening will be a thematic workshop with a guest artist followed by an open draw evening.
Everyone is welcome. So join us every other Wednesday at the Nieuwe Vide from 19:00-22:o0h. Doors open at 18:30h.

Photo: Sarah Gillespie

Good to know:
Open draw evening (€3,- single entrance)/ Workshop with guest artist (€10,-).

(If you are unable to pay you are always welcome to join for free. You can let us know through e-mail or at the door)

-March 15th: Open draw hosted by Sarah Gillespie
-March 29th: Workshop by Candela Murillo / Kamusa Art in light of  Humanji

21 February 2023

Teken Or Leave It Workshop by Faria van Creij-Callender

The workshop will be on 01.03.2023 from 19:00-22:00.

Faria van Creij-Callender (1998) is a surrealist painter who’s focusses on a playful approach to duality. She is currently graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Symbolism, the past and the present and layering which connect to her mixed background, often emerge in her compositions.

The workshop:
Faria’s style is based on late Renaissance and Baroque influences which are then placed in contemporary situations and will be reflected in the workshop itself. Flower bouquets will be used as a still life to either draw realistically, or/and can be completely pulled apart to create your own compositions. There is possibility to get tips on how to compose a drawing as lifelike as possible, or to completely dive into your own flower world.

Sign up for the workshop by sending an e-mail to

The cost to participate in the workshop are €10 each. For anyone who cannot pay this entry to the workshop is free. See here for general info about Teken Or Leave It and other dates

16 February 2023

Introducing our team & board!


Since 2022 Nieuwe Vide’s board members are:

Roomyla Choenni (she/her) – chair
Eva Kreuger (she/they) – secretary
Dennis Elzinga (he/him) – treasurer
Manique Hendricks (she/her) –  general boardmember
Loulou Sjerps (she/her) – general boardmember
Marianne Hotske Hamersma (she/her) – general boardmember

Click here for more info about our new board!

Our team also has some new faces!

Liesbeth Visee (she/her) Curator
Anne Mul(die/diens – they/them) Curator & projectcoördinator
Saskia Burggraaf (they/she) Content & Visual support
Shae Cabrita da Palma (he/him) Administration, PR & communication
Wil Maris (she/her) Administration /coördination volunteers

Click here for more info on the organisation and the team of Nieuwe Vide 

30 January 2023

01.02.2023 Teken Or leave It Workshop by Marianne Lammersen

Teken or Leave it – 1st of February – by @mariannelammersen

Cut & Twist & Paste: A workshop that encourages making collages in/on/with/through/beyond paper

Where: Nieuwe Vide artspaces

When: Wednesday February 1st, 2023; 19-22:00

What: Join us for another workshop edition of TOL. This workshop will be hosted by Nieuwe Vide Studio Artist @mariannelammersen!

During this workshop, through short exercises and rules (that can be broken), you’ll be creating a collection of materials and working towards creating your own collages.

Please reserve your spot with by Monday January 30th, 2023!

When you sign up, please send 3 to 5 pictures you’ve taken with your phone in the last month.

Cost: €10 for a drop workshop, or €8,50 when you purchase a 10x workshop punchcard for €85

Meer info about Teken or Leave it? Click here 

18 January 2023

Nieuwe Vide has a new board

Nieuwe Vide proudly presents its new board: Roomyla Choenni (chairman), Eva Kreuger (secretary), Dennis Elzinga (treasurer), Manique Hendricks, Loulou Sjerps, Marianne Hotske Hamersma (general board members).

Nieuwe Vide intentionally chooses for a young, ambitious and diverse board that works within the cultural sector and is committed to art and experiment.

Get acquainted with the new board!

Get to know Team Nieuwe Vide!

11 January 2023

Performance and new years drinks

Nieuwe Vide kicks off the new year with a performance by the Spanish contemporary dancer and visual artist Candela Murillo on Saturday afternoon 14 January. We celebrate with drinks that the exhibition UNTOLD/UNFOLD reopens after the winter break. In this exhibition, the three artists Meli Kuhn, Marianne Lammersen and Candela Murillo respond through their work to a turbulent world that is constantly subject to change. The starting point is the constant search within yourself for a relationship with this world.

Be welcome at the New Year’s drink! It starts on Saturday, January 14 at 15:00 and the performance of Candela Murillo at 16:00.

11 January 2023

Teken or Leave It: New year, new drawing

On Wednesday evening 18 January we will start again with Teken or Leave It. It will be a regular open drawing evening, where you can decide for yourself what you are going to draw/paint/… (fill in the blank). You don’t need to have drawing experience. Everyone is welcome! So let your imagination run wild on the empty paper. And try something new in the new year.

The costs are €3 (material costs). Coffee and tea are free.

So come to Nieuwe Vide on Wednesday evening 18 January at 19:00 for Teken or Leave It.

30 November 2022

Teken or Leave It: Christmas edition

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Nieuwe Vide celebrates the season during our last Teken or Leave It evening of the year. This meeting is an open drawing evening, so you can work on your own projects, or make festive decorations from recycled drawings. This is how we collectively make it a beautiful Christmas for everyone. So come and sign on 7 December at 19:00!

26 November 2022

Exhibition UNTOLD-UNFOLD 26/11 closed

Unfortunately Nieuwe Vide will be closed on Saturday 26 November due to unforeseen circumstances. On Sunday 27 November you can visit the exhibition UNTOLD – UNFOLD again.

16 November 2022

Teken or Leave It Workshop: 
In the others eyes

As part of the exhibition UNTOLD-UNFOLD, which can now be seen at Nieuwe Vide, visual artist Meli Kuhn will give a workshop on Wednesday evening 23 November during Teken or Leave It. The inner self-portrait is central during this workshop. What image do you have of yourself and how do you position yourself in the world? During this workshop you will work on a self-portrait, but there will also be playful exercises to see how you view the other.

So come to Nieuwe Vide on Wednesday 23 November at 19:00 and make a self-portrait.

Learn more about Teken or Leave It.

2 November 2022

Teken or Leave It najaar 2022

The upcoming Teken or Leave It evenings will take place this fall until the Christmas holidays on November 9 and 23 and December 7. On Wednesday evening 23 November there will be a workshop with visual artist Meli Kuhn. The other two meetings are open drawing evenings. All evenings are devoted to our program Spreading Seeds: Building Worlds in the Ashes of the Apocalypse. So come and sign with us on November 9 from 19:00-21:00 at Nieuwe Vide.

Learn more about Teken or Leave It.

26 October 2022

Extra visitor info: Covid-19

Due to the increasing covid infections, we want to work vigilantly at the Nieuwe Vide and take measures to prevent contamination as much as possible. In this way we hope to keep the activities as accessible as possible for everyone. Read more about it here.

We ask you to follow the directions of our staff; mostly (young) volunteers who act as attendants during exhibitions. Their job it is to make sure all safety regulations are observed during your visit. Please treat them with respect!

21 September 2022

Teken or Leave It: Mapping Your World

Within the research theme Spreading Seeds: Building Worlds in the Ashes of the Apocalypse we will think about cards during this open drawing evening of Teken or Leave It. How do maps shape our reality and how do they affect how we navigate through our lives? Which places do we see and not see? Who decides what belongs to whom on the map? What colonial meanings are associated with maps? Within Fantasy, a map is usually the starting point to build a world of characters and stories. So during this open draw evening you can make your own map of your own world, body or mind, or make a map of places that have often been made invisible or of worlds that doesn’t yet exist.

Everyone is welcome to join in or draw their own thing! So come on Wednesday evening September 28 from 19:00-21:00.

31 August 2022

Teken or Leave It: Play as Resistance

After the summer break we will continue drawing within the research theme Spreading Seeds: Building Worlds in the Ashes of the Apocalypse. The first Teken or Leave It will be an open draw evening. We are going to get inspired by the recent event in the Schuur Haarlem with the dragking performances by @latinx_charm and @luciansquid from House of LøstBois in collaboration with the Haarlem Town Queers. During the meeting we will look back at these performances and see how we can playfully resist, try our own things and reinvent ourselves by drawing.

Everyone is welcome to join in drawing their own thing! So come Wednesday evening 14 September from 19:00-21:00.

1 August 2022

Summer Break

From the 1st of August to the end of August, the Nieuwe Vide will have a summer break. This means that there will be no soup corner and teken or leave it during this period. We will start up again on the 24 and 25 of August with the Cineclub x HTQ evenings. We look forward to seeing you again at the Nieuwe Vide from 9 September.

Enjoy your summer!

26 July 2022

Cineclub x HTQ

We proudly present the summer edition of Nieuwe Vide’s Cineclub. The program for this edition is made in collaboration with local organization HTQ – Haarlem Town Queers. This edition of Nieuwe Vide’s Cineclub is part of the Cineville summer tour and will consist of 2 movie nights with an exciting support act. These midsummer film nights will be held in the open-air cinema of the Schuur; the Loading Dock Cinema.

See here for more info

15 June 2022

Teken or Leave It: Reflections on World Building

During the next open draw evening of Teken or Leave It on Wednesday 22 June, we will sit together in the exhibition space to reflect on the current exhibition ULTIMATUM (4horsemen) while drawing. During the Stripdagen Haarlem 2022 and in this exhibition the theme of world building is central. Which worlds were created by the 4horsemen? What do we see on the walls? And which worlds would we build ourselves? Together we will work through speculative fiction to build on the traces left behind by the 4horsemen.

“It matters what matters we use to think over matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters what stories make worlds, what worlds make stories.”

Donna J. Haraway, Staying with the Troube; Making Kin in the Chthulucene

So come draw with us next Wednesday, June 22 from 19:00-22:00 during Teken or Leave It at Nieuwe Vide.

More information about Teken or Leave It.

15 June 2022

Cineclub at Houtnacht 2022

Nieuwe Vide presents the films Pretty Pictures by Bernardo Zanotta en Mother Earth’s inner organs by Ana Bravo Pérez on June 18, from 18:00-23:59 at Houtnacht.

In his film Pretty Pictures, the Brazilian artist Bernardo Zanotta shows the gap between beautiful images and their production. He recorded the ‘beautiful images’ in a semi-automatic greenhouse in the Dutch countryside. Indoors, bromeliads are grown artificially, a plant species that comes from Brazil and is produced and prepared for sale here in the Netherlands.

Coal and hammocks are the setting for the film Mother Earth’s inner organs by Colombian artist Ana Bravo Pérez. This film installation is about the extraction of coal in Colombia and the consequences for the local communities in La Guajira and industries in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. 

More information on Cineclub at Houtnacht 2022.

18 May 2022

Teken or Leave It: Workshops ‘Tata State of Mind’

Would you like to learn how to capture your opinion in one image? Or would you like to be able to tell ‘the story, behind the story’ in several drawings?

Drawing journalist Eva Hilhorst and cartoonist TRIK have set up a Tata State of Mind project together, in which they want to arrive at a nuanced picture of Tata Steel by means of drawing workshops. They also would like to ask participants of ‘Teken or Leave It’ to respond to the current situation.

During TRIK’s workshop on Wednesday evening 25 May, the emphasis is on capturing the (Tata) situation in one image. In the workshop of Eva Hilhorst on June 8, you will learn how to tell a more extensive story based on multiple images.

You can of course take your result home with you. But you can also hang it in the ULTIMATUM (4horsemen) exhibition, which will be shown at Nieuwe Vide during the Stripdagen Haarlem. So come May 25th and/or June 8th from 19:00-20:30 to Teken or Leave It Workshops at Nieuwe Vide. After that there is still the opportunity to draw until 22:00.

4 May 2022

Finissage ‘Mark the Spark’: Meet artist Harun Morrison

Sunday May 15 is your last chance to see the exhibition ‘Mark the Spark‘, the solo exhibition of artist Harun Morrison. During this exhibition, Morrison built a full-scale model of a boat. In honor of the closing of this exhibition, Nieuwe Vide is organizing a finissage, where artist Harun Morrison will also be present. You can meet him and ask questions if you like.
So come and celebrate with us at Nieuwe Vide the completion of the exhibition ‘Mark the Spark’ on Sunday 15 May from 12:00-17:00.
4 May 2022

Teken or Leave It is going to start-up again

Wednesday evening, May 11, we start with the open draw evening Teken or Leave it. Teken or Leave It is a twice monthly evening for illustrators, makers and people who love to create. During these evenings we can collaborate and learn from each other, or just work separately but alongside one another on individual projects. But most importantly Teken or Leave It is a moment in time to relax and create.

Look at the program of Teken or Leave It for more information.

6 April 2022


Do you feel like rolling up your sleeves? On Wednesday 13 April from 13:00-20:00 you can do that at Nieuwe Vide. Artist Harun Morrison will then continue working on his life-size boat, which is being built in the exhibition space of Nieuwe Vide, and you can also help build it. A bowl of soup is waiting for you at 13:00 and we’ll end the day with a drink.

So do you want to make art and build at the same time? Come to Nieuwe Vide to help with this work of art.

More information about this artwork and exhibiton Mark the Spark.

2 March 2022

Nieuwe Vide opens again soon!

Nieuwe Vide will open again soon (from 11 March onward). Visitors are no longer obliged to wear a facemask, and as an exhibition space we no longer have to check QR codes or maintain a distance of 1.5 meters.

We do ask visitors to respect it if staff or other visitors wear a mask or want to keep 1,5 meters distance. Our exhibition space is usually quite peacefull. So with a little understanding and patience it is possible for everyone to experience art in a safe way at Nieuwe Vide.

For more information, see our corona measures.

24 November 2021

GOLF-festival postponed

GOLF Live has been postponed due to the new Corona-measures. That means that evening of December 17 at Nieuwe Vide is cancelled. For up-to-date information about GOLF-festival click here


3 November 2021

Show QR code during visit Nieuwe Vide

According to the new rules of the RIVM we ask people to show their QR code at Nieuwe Vide when they visit the exhibition.

6 October 2021

Corona Access Pass at openings and events

In the context of the guidelines of the RIVM we ask all visitors to show a Corona Access Pass during openings and events before they enter Nieuwe Vide.

17 September 2021

Nieuwe Vide Radio

This time our guest on Nieuwe Vide Radio is artist Juliacks. Her work can be viewed in Nieuwe Vide’s online zine ‘Metamorphosis. On future bodies and living identities’ (

We talk about her upcoming novel Transversal Scepters, the inception of the first prison in Haarlem and how the system of incarceration is connected to capitalism.



This podcast is made by the team of Nieuwe Vide. This time the presentation and editing was done by Sietske Roorda. Many thanks to Menzo Schrik for the jingle.

Listen to all podcasts of Nieuwe Vide Radio via Spotify


2 June 2021

Nieuwe Vide open

From Saturday 5 June Nieuwe Vide is open to public again. You can visit the current exhibition Queer Diasporas by reserving a timeslot. Please read our Covid-19 safety measures before your visit.

26 May 2021

New Address, Same Location

Per 1 June 2021 Nieuwe Vide has a new address:

Energieplein 69,
2031 TC Haarlem

However, our location stays exactly the same.

25 November 2020

NRC reaction

NRC Handelsblad publiceerde op 31 oktober 2020 een schokkend artikel over verdenkingen van ernstig seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag, racisme en geweld binnen de beeldende kunstsector. We zijn geschokt en verdrietig over de inhoud van dit artikel, en onze gedachten gaan uit naar alle mensen die te maken hebben gehad met dit (met name seksueel) geweld. We hebben bewondering voor hun moed om met deze verhalen naar buiten te komen.

De betreffende persoon heeft in 2013 meegewerkt aan een expositiereeks bij Nieuwe Vide. Met de kennis van nu betreuren wij het enorm dat hem hierdoor destijds een podium is gegeven voor zijn beeldend werk. Binnen Nieuwe Vide streven we naar een veilige en prettige werkomgeving, waarin absoluut geen plaats of podium is voor welk grensoverschrijdend gedrag dan ook. Wij willen bijdragen aan een beeldende kunstsector waarin dergelijk gedrag niet getolereerd of genegeerd wordt, en er tijdig wordt gesignaleerd en juist wordt gehandeld wanneer dit het geval is. Mensen die behoefte voelen om een verhaal of ervaring met ons te delen zijn altijd welkom om contact op te nemen of langs te komen, of kunnen een melding doen via

Als organisatie hebben we de verantwoordelijkheid om een ruimte te scheppen waar kunstenaar, medewerker, student, bezoeker en studiomaker zich veilig voelen. Met het huidige team werken we actief aan het doorbreken van de patriarchale structuren, zowel binnen het programma als in de werkwijze. Dit doen we door respectvol met elkaar om te gaan en zorgvuldig na te denken over met wie we samenwerken. Door ook kritisch te zijn op ons eigen doen en laten. Zo werken we met zijn allen aan een beter, inclusiever en positief kunstklimaat.

25 November 2020

Nieuwe Vide online

Nieuwe Vide has had to close its doors because of Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to do anything in these uncertain times. We will show online what Nieuwe Vide has to offer when it comes to art, culture and political engagement.

The latest edition of Nieuwe Vide’s Journal of Humanity with the theme Staging the Absurd is now available online for free. Absurdism is central to Nieuwe Vide’s program of 2020. We relate the absurdism of current international politics and the role that online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube play in spreading ‘news’ to the Absurdist Theater from the beginning of the twentieth century. After all, this form of theater emerged in a period of social and political instability, which has many characteristics of our current situation. This issue contains contributions from Michiel Westbeek, Dorothy Hunter, Kalib Batta and Eric Peter.

There will also be an Online Zine as a result of the exhibition TMI: searching for truth in the post-truth era. This exhibition is temporarily canceled due to Covid-19. Still, in these uncertain times, when there is an abundance of information about the Corona virus and it is difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, we think it is important to give attention to this topic. The artists Alexandra Hunts, belit sağ, Lyubov Matyunina and Toon Fibbe show in the Online Zine how they deal with the changing information landscape and the constant flow of (unreliable) information and how they resist it.

We are also proud to present Nieuwe Vide Radio. In this podcast, curator Liesbeth Visee and project coordinator Ytje Veenstra interview studio artists and artists from the Nieuwe Vide network about their art practice.

Finally, Nieuwe Vide gives you a weekly recipe on Wednesday to make a delicious vegetarian soup. This is to compensate for our Soup Corner every Wednesday afternoon, which is now canceled.

Also check @tekenorleaveit on Instagram. This open drawing evening is every other week at Nieuwe Vide, but now you can participate in the online version. The upcoming online version is April 1st at 19.00.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest online activities!

23 October 2020

COVID-19 Measures








 Due to new Covid-19 measures that took effect on September 30 2020, it is necessary to make a reservation.

Nieuwe Vide uses the Protocol for the protection and safety of employees and visitors for presentation institutions drawn up by De Zaak Nu. In the context of these guidelines, we ask visitors to take into account the following measures:

  • All visitors keep 1.5 meters apart, except for people who belong to the same household.
  • We urgently ask visitors to wear a facemask.
  • Visitors provide their contact details upon entry, and state that they have no health complaints that may be related to Covid-19. Visitors cannot be admitted without this registration.
  • A maximum of 6 visitors can be present in the exhibition space at the same time.
  • The toilets for visitors are unfortunately closed, we ask for your understanding.
  • Follow directions from staff and volunteers.
  • Come if possible with your own transport.

In addition, the general guidelines of RIVM apply:

  • Stay home with complaints.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap.
  • Cough and sneeze in your elbow.

Due to the measures surrounding Covid-19, a large part of our team currently works from home. That is why we are less available by phone. For questions you can contact us at

14 June 2019

Liesbeth Visee curator at Nieuwe Vide

After the departure of former director Lennard Dost in January 2019, the Nieuwe Vide asked Liesbeth Visee to become curator. Previously Visee had worked as project coordinator for more than 4 months at the Nieuwe Vide. After Dost left, Ytje Veenstra served as interim director until May 2019 but has now reverted to her previous role as project coordinator at the Nieuwe Vide. Visee studied Liberal Arts & Sciences with special focus on art history and gender studies. She also has a master degree in Modern and Contemporary Art from Edinburgh University. Visee writes about contemporary art and supervises projects relating to art in the public domain for 37PK in Haarlem.


Check our social media for the most recent news: