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Nieuwe Vide is jointly managed by two co-directors/curators, supported by PR and administrative staff members. Together they form the artistic team. Scroll down for the profiles and the information about the team and the board.

Stichting Vide Cultura’s Bovenste Ring was established on 29 December 1994. Its goal is to promote the production and exhibition possibilities of visual art (and other methods of distribution). Nieuwe Vide is registered as Nieuwe Vide Artspace and Studios in the Handelsregister under KvK number 41226683.

Nieuwe Vide Team


Anne Mul (they/them)  – curator and projectcoördinator
Anne Mul is curator, interdisciplinary researcher and activist and always has a multi-tool in their pocket.


Sas(kia) Burggraaf (they/she) – Communication & Design
In addition to being a team member of Nieuwe Vide, Sas(kia) Burggraaf is an artist, activist, designer and always takes Roest the dog to work. Saskia is alum of the master Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute (2020). With a love for transmitting art and theory to the visitor, Saskia contributes to the program, content and visual identity of Nieuwe Vide.

Shae Cabrita Da Palma (he/him) – Administration, PR & communication
Shae is the god of structure at Nieuwe Vide and creates order out of chaos. He does administrative work and PR. He likes warm feet and therefore brings warm socks to the office.

Wil Maris (she/her) – administration/coördination volunteers
Wil Maris is the building manager, administration oracle, one of the founders of Nieuwe Vide, and a source of indispensable Vide knowledge. But most importantly, she brings dog Jet to the office.


Nieuwe Vide gets occasional support by Stefan Cammeraat, Jaromir Mulders , Nia Konstantinova, Bernardo Zanotta, Hanneke Sielcken, Lex van der Meij and TRIK. We also are assisted by a group of volunteers: Yulia, Julia, Ronja, Myrthe, Cato, Brecht, Lola, Esmée, Rosa. Thanks to them we can be open in the weekends during exhibitions.

Web- and communication design by:
BRR BRR Visuele Communication  & Sas(kia) Burggraaf

Board of Stichting Nieuwe Vide Artspace and Studio
The board meets at least four times annually and more often if necessary. The Nieuwe Vide directorate is also present at board meetings. Nieuwe Vide tenants have one or more representatives on the board. Membership of the board is unremunerated. We underwrite the Governance Code for Culture. 

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The Vide Cultura’s Bovenste Ring Foundation is registered as a cultural ANBI which means that The Nieuwe Vide is recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as an Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) (Institute for Public Benefit). This has certain fiscal benefits. Donations we receive can, according to the applicable rules, be deducted from income or corporate tax. This also has advantages for private individuals. For more information see the tax department website.

RSIN/Fiscal number: 8087.13.619


Read our Code of Conduct


The Team

Liesbeth Visee
(zij/haar) Curator


Anne Mul
(they/them) Curator & projectcoördinator

Saskia Burggraaf
(they/she) Content & Visual support

Shae Cabrita da Palma
(he/him) Administration, PR & communication


Wil Maris
) Administration/coördination volunteers

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Job vacancies

We are always looking for  volunteers.


The images on our website are mainly from the makers. We have tried to credit them as well as possible. If the credits aren’t correct, please contact us directly via

Photography Exhibitions: Bogdan Bordeianu
Photography Portaits staff: Nienke Veneboer



KvK nr. 41226683
RSIN/Fiscus number : 8087.13.619


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Code of Conduct