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Energieplein 69
2031 TC Haarlem

+31 (0)23 54 51 581
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The studios of Nieuwe Vide are office and artist studios, rented out to people and small businesses in the cultural and/or creative sector.

Artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, writers, an animation and visual effects studio, and a musical instrument maker, all have workspaces here. The rent varies and is partly based on a price per square metre. There is no waiting list, but we do have a selection procedure and a balloting committee made up of current studio makers. Team Nieuwe Vide is also consulted when new studio makers are selected.

If there is a vacancy, the balloting committee and Team Nieuwe Vide will together decide on the most suitable candidate who should also be compatible with the present occupants.

We expect prospective studio makers to take an active part in Nieuwe Vide. We would like to get to know you, what you do and why do you want to rent a studio here. Nieuwe Vide studio makers regularly organize all kinds of events separately from the exhibition space. These include drawing evenings (Teken or leave it) and a soup kitchen on Wednesday afternoons. Team Nieuwe Vide often works closely with studio makers when organising an exhibition.

Here is an overview of who is currently renting a studio at the Nieuwe Vide. Any vacancies will be posted on this website as well on social media and our Facebookgroup Nieuwe Vide Ateliers.

Every so often, space becomes available at Nieuwe Vide. Do you want to qualify for a studio space? Then we would like to receive your CV and a short motivation by email. Send your mail to

If you want to stay informed about the new available studios, become a member of the Facebook group Nieuwe Vide Ateliers.

Listen to our podcast Nieuwe Vide Radio with studiomaker Marianne Hotske Hamersma (Dutch episode)

Listen to our podcast Nieuwe Vide radio with studiomaker Trik (Dutch episode)

Listen to our podcast Nieuwe Vide radio with studiomaker Maarten Bolten

Anne Mul

Portrait photography

Nienke Veneboer

Graphic Design

Brr Brr


Theatergroep LAVA

Engineer and producer

Sietse Damen

Eva Kreuger

Illustration & Graphic design

Marina Domínguez

Anne Mul


Meli Kuhn


Sign Language lessons

Illustrator & cartoonist


Journalist & designer

Chris Muyres

Vagabond and Itinerant Cyborg

James Babbitt


Jan Kuhlemeier

Lex van der Meij

Judith Pool

Kees van Leeuwen

Cartoonist, animator, schilder

Janek Koza

Illustrator / Animator

Johan Klungel

programmer, composer & designer

Jaromir Mulders

Design & illustration

Sim Kaart

Bolten Vioolbouw

Artist and Researcher

Saskia Burggraaf

Design & concept

Buro Blikgoed

Product designer

Ana López Santacruz


Noortje Boer


Gosse van der Leij

visual artist

Beth Namenwirth


Marianne Lammersen