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Schuur and Nieuwe Vide jointly present The Queer Image: an intersectional interdisciplinary film program with a queer feminist character. Together we choose a film around themes that play a role in the community. Films in which LGBTQIA people and women are not marginalized or victims, but rather make their voices heard and are in the spotlight.


At every screening, Nieuwe Vide invites a maker who will present a visual work inspired by the themes of the film. Think of performance art, video art, or an artist talk. We will also organize an introduction or discussion for each film and invite you to have drinks in the Schuurcafé and meet members of the community and the makers.

July 8th – The Queer Image #4 : Femme & The Sixth Element

Schuur’s Choice: Femme 

Jules, better known by the stage name Aphrodite Banks, is one of London’s most acclaimed drag queens. When he buys a pack of cigarettes in the neighborhood after a drag show, he is attacked by a group of homophobic young men. While Jules tries to process his trauma, he recognizes one of his attackers in the gay sauna he regularly visits. Without his make-up, he manages to approach the boy incognito. The meeting is the start of a dangerous (revenge) game.
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Nieuwe Vide Performance: The Sixth Element

The Sixth Element (she/they) is a en3ty that Kevin Pieterse created. One that lives inside their head, She is the medium through which Kevin emotes and performs their feelings. Her big yearning is to unite us in our sadness and make us feel something that we might think we’ve lost, to connect to our inner neglected child. “Sixth is my muse in every way, the most glamorous melancholy you’ll meet on stage.” “In a society that revolves around individualism, I search for the communal feeling.”













Photo: Lisa Schamle

Previous editions: 

April 8th – The Queer Image #3: Love Lies Bleeding (premièr) & Aurélien Lepetit – a (video) studio visit & after talk
Start #3 : 20.30h
Film: 20:45h

Love Lies Bleeding In a remote new Mexico Town, gym manager Lou’s life turned upside down with the arrival of bodybuilder Jackie. Jackie, who works at Lou’s criminal father’s shooting range, is dead set on entering a major body building competition in Las Vegas and Lou is all too eager to help her reach this goal. The two lovebirds’ happiness is rudely awakened after Lou’s sister suffer severe physical abuse. Things get out of hand quickly and Lou is forced to face her family’s violent past head on.

Aurélien Lepetit, born in 1992 in Lyon, France, is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Working with installations, sculptures and textiles he currently uses weaving, and wool on aluminum as painting. Lepetit is best known for his tufted textiles of damaged muscle fibers and constricted hand blown glass sculptures mounted on steel technical sports equipment.

For this premier, Bernardo Zanotta and Aurélien Lepetit have recorded a special interview. Following the film, Lepetit, Anne Mul and the audience will have a post-viewing conversation.

March 4th – The Queer Image #2: Loss of Heat & Drive Away Dolls

In celebration of Queer History Month, Nieuwe Vide proudly presents the second edition of The Queer Image, pairing a pioneering lhbtiq+* short film with the release of Ethan Cohen and Tricia Cooke’s Drive Away Dolls.

Queer History Month is an annual month-long observance of  lhbtiq+ history and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. For this occasion, we have chosen Loss of Heat (1994, 20 min) by Noski Deville. The film is an evocative portrayal of queer love, exploring the interplay of the emotional and the physical across boundaries of sexuality, dependence, and desire. Noski Deville (United Kingdom) is a cinematographer and film artist working across film, music, and sound. Deville has over 25 years of experience as a cinematographer and is well known for her award-winning work with internationally acclaimed artists, including Isaac Julien, Steve McQueen, Alia Syed, Daria Martin, and Jananne Al-Ani.

The short film will be followed by De Schuur’s release of Drive Away Dolls (2024, 84 min). The first of a trilogy of queer films written by Tricia Cooke and Ethan Cohen, Drive Away Dolls takes the form of a road movie in which Jamie and Marian embark on an unexpected trip to Tallahassee, crossing paths with a group of inept criminals. An introduction by filmmaker and programmer Bernardo Zanotta will precede the screening. 


On the 22nd of January 19:00h, De Schuur will show the film ‘Orlandoand Nieuwe Vide will see a piece from Wild Fruits, Zanotta’s new short film, and hear from Zanotta about queer ‘period pieces.’ Afterwards we will have a short conversation about what we saw and the connections that can be made between Wild Fruits and Orlando.

In addition to his autonomous filmmaker and artist practice, Bernardo develops and supervises projects for Nieuwe Vide. For example, he coordinated the ongoing Nieuwe Vide program Cineclub and the course, From idea to project. In collaboration with curator Anne Mul and Schuur, Zanotta will, along with others, give shape to The Queer Image film program.

Bernardo Zanotta (1996, Brazil) is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Amsterdam. His films combine historical and fictional stories that subvert genre and convention. His work has been exhibited internationally at art venues, cinemas and festivals, including FID Marseille, Rotterdam and Locarno, where he received the Pardino d’Argento for his film Heart of Hunger (2018). In addition to short and medium projects, he is currently developing his first feature film.

Wild fruit synopsis

16th century: After a period overseas in the Antarctic France, Jean Aurand finds refuge as a servant in the house of French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, where a series of fantastical events change the lives of these two men forever.


08.07.2024 @Schuur: Femme & drag performance The Sixth Element
Start #3 : 20.15h
Programme/ Film: 20:30h


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 Photos edition 2: Arman Ramozi
Photo’s edition 3: Miles Silvagni


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