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Nieuwe Vide Radio Podcast

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Nieuwe Vide Radio is a podcast about art, artists and soup.

Nieuwe Vide is an exhibition space for contemporary art, which also rents out studios to artists and small creative businesses in Haarlem. Despite the fact that we cannot exhibit anything in our space at the moment, we would like to continue to talk about art. This is why we are making a podcast together with artists from Nieuwe Vide’s network, because in these trying times we would like to continue to showcase the projects we work on and the people we collaborate with.

This podcast is made by Team Nieuwe Vide. The presentation is in hands of Liesbeth Visee, curator of Nieuwe Vide,  projectcoordinator Ytje Veenstra and Sietske Roorda, Sietske is communication employee and editor of the podcast. Saskia Burggraaf, is communication and design employee, and Wil Maris works for the administration and management. Thanks to Menzo Schrik for our jingle. The radioplays are stories of Daniil Charms, edited by Marius Bruijn and narrated Jogchem Jalink and Marius Bruijn.

Listen via Soundcloud or find our podcast via your podcast app or via Spotify.