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The Internazionale Situazionista, originally founded in 1957 in Cosio di Arroscia (Italy), came to prominence during the 1968 Parisian student protests and ultimately evolved into an international artistic-political movement. Situationists strived to achieve a state of continual social revolution. They hoped to realise this by creating disruptive situations suitable for mass consumption, so-called happenings. The situationists had a strong influence on the later English punk movement.

What is the influence of the Situationists on contemporary artists? Are the strategies used by the Situationists still applicable? Are they still appreciated in a world that has changed radically since the 1950s and 1960s? Artists taking part in this project are interested in the public arena, social processes and disorder.


For five days, artist Mitchel Breed worked on a zine in the project space of Nieuwe Vide. The zine is in line with the theme of this exhibition about Situationism, in which the theme of the society of the spectacle is addressed.

Together with artist Peter van der Horst, Breed they will add an extra dimension to the current exhibition. By adding their work to this, they break into the existing exhibition, as it were, something that is also a characteristic of Situationism.

8.09.2017 5-11.2017

Opening : September 8, 18:00h.
DJ Crazy Crudesjev.

September 30

NACHTVIDE : Outside Cinema



The Edukators 

Exhibition with :
Jeroen Jongeleen
Lukas Simonis & Cor Gout
Kristina Borg
Bureau for the Investigation of Contemporary Anxiety
Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu
Michael Holly
Mario Santamaria
Anna Mikhailova



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