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Roomyla Choenni (she/her) – chair
Roomyla is Sector head at the Library of the University of Amsterdam, Allard Pierson and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Its departments are concerned with guaranteeing access to scientific information (Open Science and Open Access) and making the extensive special collections available (from theater history to archaeology). She has also been an advisor and chairperson for the Mondriaan Fund for Visual Arts and Heritage for several years now. Roomyla coaches women of color in leadership positions in confidence and dealing with difficult work situations. After her studies in political science and information management, she worked in management consultancy, activist philanthropy and the digital archive sector.

Eva Kreuger (she/they) – secretary

Eva Kreuger lives in Haarlem and has been working in a studio at the Nieuwe Vide since early 2022. In 2017 they graduated from the photography department at AKV | St.joost Breda and has since been working as an independent artist and photographer. She is currently participating in the BredaPhoto support program and in 2022 she was awarded the Artist Start grant from the Mondriaan Fund. In addition to their work as an artist, they also work as a Culture coach at BplusC in Leiden. Furthermore, Eva is one of the organizers of Woonoproer, the Haarlem housing action group. See Eva’s website for more information.

Dennis Elzinga (he/him) – treasurer

Dennis Elzinga is the new treasurer of Nieuwe Vide! He studied law and art history and in his daily life he works at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen. He now lives in Amsterdam with his partner, but he he lived in Haarlem long enough to still consider himself a bit of a ‘mug‘. With his knowledge and experience, he likes to help out on a business and organizational level in the cultural sector. Therefore his new position on the board of the Nieuwe Vide fits him like a glove. He is fond of art, design, fashion and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He is looking forward to meeting the whole Nieuwe Vide family!

Manique Hendricks (she/her) – general board member

Art historian Manique Hendricks works as a curator at LIMA, the institute for media art in Amsterdam. In addition, as an independent curator, writer and researcher, she focuses on contemporary (media) art, visual and digital culture with a focus on themes such as identity, representation, the body, camp and club culture. Manique is currently also affiliated with the Frans Hals Museum as a guest curator. In recent years she has worked for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Frans Hals Museum and 37PK. Her texts have been published by Stedelijk Studies, NXS Magazine, Mister Motley, Shimmer, Tubelight and The Hmm, among others. Manique also acts as a visual arts advisor for the Mondriaan Fund and as a board member at Nieuwe Vide and Jong VNK. See Manique’s website for more information.

Loulou Sjerps (she/her) – general board member

Loulou Sjerps is artistic director at CC Amstel: a theater and clubhouse in Amsterdam. She has a background in performance studies, social work and the Haarlem squatters movement. Her work always expresses itself in creative projects with social impact. In this way, youth projects, queer events, circus theatre, community art and neighborhood dinners come together at CC Amstel. In addition, Loulou works as a fundraiser and business dramaturg for (self-taught) theater makers who work from an intrinsic necessity.


Marianne Hamersma (she/her) – general board member
Marianne Hotske Hamersma works as an artist and art/heritage educator in Haarlem. She studied at the AKI Artez (Enschede, Bachelor Sculpting) and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Ghent, Master Installation Art). She makes installations in which she brings prints and sculptures together. She derives tactility of materials, scale and aesthetics from fashion, urban objects, product packaging, pop culture and (animation) series. Marianne is founder and coordinator of the youth program ARTCORE, a leisure program full of art and design for 14-19 year olds from Haarlem and the surrounding area. See Marianne’s website for more information.








Download the press release as pdf here (Dutch only)

Roomyla Choenni (zij/haar) – chair

Eva Kreuger (zij/die) – secretary


Dennis Elzinga (hij/hem) – treasurer

Manique Hendricks (zij/haar) – general board member

Loulou Sjerps (zij/haar) – general board member

Marianne Hotske Hamersma (zij/haar) – general board member

Photo’s by Nienke Veneboer