Nieuwe Vide Studio’s # 3

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Nieuwe Vide Studio’s #3: Jaromir Mulders

nv studios #3
During the audio-visual performance ‘Perspectief, Torens en Vervorming’ (Perspective, Towers and Distortion) reverberating objects emerge from the mist. The objects create a resonant three-dimensional landscape which Jaromir Mulders manipulates live to create new images and sounds.
The work was first played live – during the opening – and thereafter took the form of an installation. Mulders was also present on Saturday and Sunday.

About Jaromir Mulders
Jaromir Mulders is organiser of Nieuwe Vide’s Sound Hackspace. Mulders graduated in 2018 from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) with a specialization in Music and Technology and is programmer, composer and designer. He is interested in creating systems that produce sound, based on visual input. He designed and programmed his own synthesizer to create new effects.

About Nieuwe Vide Studio’s:
Nieuwe Vide Studio’s is an initiative launched in 2017 to provide a platform for resident artists.
The idea is to give artists who rent a studio at the Nieuwe Vide – or are closely involved with our organisation – an opportunity to organize a presentation in our exhibition space twice a year during the course of a weekend. This series of exhibitions spotlights what the Nieuwe Vide has to offer as creative breeding ground.


Opening: vrijdag 29 juni om 18u.

Performance: 19.30u

Open29 juni t/m 1 juli.



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