Prison Talks

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During ‘Prison Talks’ the artist Juliacks will talk about her ongoing project ‘Transversal Scepters’. Transversal Scepters, is a transmedia project that takes legal archives as a point of departure to think about the history and future of the justice system in the United States and the Netherlands.

There will also be a screening of the documentary ‘Solitary’ by Kristi Jacobsen about a ‘supermax’-prison in the United States.

‘Prison Talks’ is part of the exhibition ‘The World of K, or the prophecy of the excesses of modern bureaucracy’. The exhibition is on display until 23 June.

Date: 18 May 2019
Time: 14:30u – 18:00u
Location: Nieuwe Vide, Minkelersweg 6, Haarlem

In the US a hundred thousand delinquents are in solitary confinement. Director Kristi Jacobsen got the possibility to film the Red Onion State Prison, a ‘supermax’-prison where the inmates spend 23 hours a day, 7 days a week in their cell. She spoke to the guards and the detainees that are all in solitary confinement.

Juliacks makes transmedia projects that take the form of comics, performance, installation, events, animations, live action films, interactive situations, paintings, tapestries, public art and new media. These networked narrative artworks are devised and co-created across mediums and platforms. Her transmedia comic book, Architecture of an Atom, was published by 2dcloud in 2017. She is currently developing a transmedia universer about the past, present and future of the criminal justice system in the Netherlands and the United States. Juliacks has received fellowships for artistic output and research from the Mondriaan Foundation, the Fulbright foundation, De Ateliers, ENSBA-Lyon, and the NJ Council for the Arts among others. Making bodies of works over the course of years, these oeuvres have exhibited in parts and as a whole at museums (MoMA PS1, Moderna, MAC-Lyon, Centre-Geneve), festivals (Tribeca Film Institute’s interactive iPlayground, TCAF, Haarlemselente, Women Center Stage,) galleries (University of Oklahoma, Ornis A, Neon) and in non-traditional public art spaces (The Yard, Marriot’s Way, Generator.)

Datum: 18.05.2019

Tijd: 14.30-18.00u

Locatie: Nieuwe Vide

Voertaal: Engels


Solitary, 2016, Kristi Jacobsen (82 min)

Gesproken taal : Engels



Lezing : Juliacks


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Naar aanleiding van deze expositie en Bevrijdingsdag is een pamflet uitgebracht door Nieuwe Vide. ‘K’.

Deze is gratis verkrijgbaar bij Nieuwe Vide

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The World of K