Sliding Scale

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At Nieuwe Vide we use sliding scale fees, which allows people to pay the fee that is most suitable for their financial situation. We do this in order to allow fair access to activities for people from all financial backgrounds. Please note that this is a guideline, you are of course the only person that can accurately judge your own financial situation. However we do ask you to be honest about your financial situation, this system is based on solidarity and helps us to provide financial flexibility to those who need it.


When choosing a fee option, please reflect on the following questions:

Are you comfortably meeting basic financial needs? *

Do you have zero or very little debt and/or expendable income? **

Do you own your own house or rent a high-end property?

Do you have access to financial savings?

Do you own a car and/or are able to afford public transport?

Can you afford to buy new items when you need them?

Can you afford an annual holiday?

Do you make more than 25.000 euros a year?

Are you a Dutch/EU citizen?

*Basic financial needs include food, housing, clothing and transportation.

**Expendable income might mean you are able to buy coffee or drinks, go to the movies or a concert, buy new clothes, books or similar items each month.


Mostly yes? Please consider our: Redistribution rate

Our redistribution rate allows for the redistribution of money to provide financial flexibility for those who need it.


Some yes/some no? Please consider our: Full rate

Our full rate represents the ‘true cost’, which enables us to cover the expenses.

Mostly no? Please consider our: Solidarity rate

Our solidarity rate is accessible for those who struggle to meet financial needs. If this rate is inacessible to you, we encourage you to get in touch with us.