‘K’ pamflet

ned / eng

You can find our pamflet ‘K’ at Atheneum Boekhandel Haarlem and at Nieuwe Vide.
‘K’, a pamflet made by Nieuwe Vide is published concurrent with the exhibition “The World of K, or the prophecy of the excesses of modern bureaucracy”. 26.04.- 23.06.

Franz Kafka’s (1883-1924) book Der Prozess serves as leitmotif for this exhibition. It’s main themes are power, bureaucracy, the absurdity of existence and the breakdown of legal systems. Because this exhibition coincided with 5 May, we thought it would be a good idea to compile a small publication. Values like democracy, human rights and freedom celebrated throughout the Netherlands on 5 May, should not be taken for granted and need to be constantly defended. Some political movements take advantage of social frictions to advance undemocratic goals like exclusion and marginalisation of certain groups which in turn leads to increasing inequality. To guard against such subversion demands commitment and a critical stance, also with regard to one’s own functioning. Artists, writers and makers, among others, are ideally suited to reflect on such developments.

Articles in the magazine are by Nieuwe Vide’s Sietske Roorda, art critic, journalist and communications officer and Liesbeth Visee, art historian and project coordinator. The publication was designed by artist Saskia Burggraaf and graphic designer Jelle Elferink / JT11