27 Apr t/m 23 May 2020

Verena Hahn

ned / eng

Nieuwe Vide Première

We’ll have time for that later
a film by Verena Hahn

We’ll Have Time For That Later by Verena Hahn is an artistic documentary that explores the world experience and agency of preppers. Prepping is a practice in which so called preppers prepare to live a life that is non-depending on external parties, such as electricity suppliers, the police, food suppliers or a community. In the center of prepping stands the anticipation of a crisis that needs a long-term preparation. In Hahn’s work, prepping is not understood as a mere hobby, but as a specific agency of the time we live in. The film traces the connection between the storytelling in prepping and real contemporary conditions that influence and determine these world descriptions. The film reflects in a subtle but critical manner on the role of the filmmaker and the complexity of documenting certain ideologies.
Due to the Corona pandemic this year’s edition of Supermarket Art Fair has been postponed. Because Nieuwe Vide cannot present here at the moment we will share with you an online preview of the work we were going to show here. Also listen to episode 2 of the podcast of Nieuwe Vide Radio with Verena Hahn as a guest.

Camera: Arthur B. Dominik E., 

​Daniel S., Verena Hahn. 

Audio Post production: Nicolas Epe

Translation: Katya Lachowicz

Artistic Advice: Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann

Transcript: Mareike Piepel

Listen to our podcast Nieuwe Vide Radio with Verena Hahn



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