07 Aug t/m 23 Aug 2020

TMI: searching for truth in the post-truth era

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In our current media and political landscape it sometimes feels as if we have become caught up in an absurdist drama. We no longer know for certain if information we always assumed to be true can still be trusted. Who investigates what is going on, who distributes and determines what our ‘facts’ are? Information is scrutinized with increasing criticism, but how do we know what is actually trustworthy?

The acronym TMI stands for Too Much Information, and is often used online as an expression when someone shares too much information about his or her personal life. But we can also see it as a commentary on the constant flow of information that we are exposed to every day. Both online and offline we have to process a lot of information. We also have to ask ourselves if this information is reliable, or if we are dealing with an “alternative fact”. And we also seem to be living in the so-called “post-truth” era, in which we realize that facts may no longer exist.

In response to this absurd world, which sometimes feels like a bad dream, we also see a counter-movement of people who consciously shut themselves off from digitization and information flows. But is this really the solution? In this group exhibition we look at how artists cope with this changing information landscape. How do they see the constant stream of (unreliable) information and the divide between fact and fiction? How do they resist (or tolerate) the technological, capitalistic and political influences that we are often unconsciously exposed to? The works in this exhibition deal with scientific research, (social) media and capitalism, among other things.

Group exhibition with Alexandra Hunts, belit sağ, Lyubov Matyunina, Toon Fibbe

Curator: Liesbeth Visee

Next to the exhibition we made an Online Zine

Listen to our podcast Nieuwe Vide Radio about the exhibition TMI and the work of belit sağ and Lyubov Matyunina


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TMI: searching for truth in the post-truth era

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