Saskia Burggraaf

ned / eng

Saskia Burggraaf is an alumnus of the Dutch Art Institute (2020). She make video (-installation), performances and drawings while theorizing ‘the alternative’ in the broadest sense of the concept.

She does this by applying feminist (geography), queer- and anti-colonial research. The main question is: how to reorganize the space around us, beyond binaries, beyond concepts of property and beyond structural hierarchical systems. Saskia has been part of The Holls Collective and is currently collaborating with researcher and queer anthropologist Anne Mul under the name Significant Otherness Collab. This collaboration has bloomed from an interdisciplinary queer-feminist rhizome with the aim to imagine other futures.


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Portrait photography

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Graphic Design

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visual artist

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Artist and Researcher

Saskia Burggraaf

Engineer and producer

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Illustration & Graphic design

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programmer, composer & designer

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