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On Saturday, March 25, a performance took place in Nieuwe Vide as part of the Natasha Taylor exhibition. Featuring professional wrestlers Dragan and Young Money Chong. The wrestlers entered into a conversation about appropriating objects and the function / design of objects that are used in the ring. The performance took place during Haarlemse Lente. start: 4:00 pm.

Taylor, about her exhibition, and the rules that come with each playing field: “I would like to reconstruct and recontextualize these fields. From that space I would like to talk about the space/frame of art and the debating of what that is. I am also going to look into the relation between art and entertainment (…) I find it interesting that something can become of such interest that people want to engage in such a way that their mind travels and stays with it for a certain time.”

The exhibition of Natasha Taylor was on display during Haarlemse Lente, that took place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of March, 2017.

On the 24th the Afterparty of Haarlemse Lente also took place at Nieuwe Vide. De avond werd geprogrammeerd door Houtnacht programmeur Menzo Schrik. Met optredens van o.a. Henkerchief en Precursor.

More about the the exhibition of Natasha Taylor you can find here.
Murder of the real – The wrestler and the artist stepped into an arena and started talking to each other about spaces

Performance Natasha Taylor
Worstelaars : Dragan & Young Money Chong
Foto’s : Hermance van Dijk

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