07 Oct 2022

CLOG Agency

ned / eng

On Friday evening October 7, the CLOG Agency showed its final presentation at Nieuwe Vide.

Over the past year, the CLOG Agency has reflected on societies increasingly dependent on accelerated data flows, liquid computing and evaporating infrastructures. They explored the sub-optimal, the inefficient, the outdated, the slow, the low-tech, the leaky, through engagement and collective practices. They chewed on theories about the various relationships with technology, sticky entanglements of tools and politics, digital metabolisms and material remnants of virtual economies.

The CLOG Agency is an informal collective of artists, makers, hackers, academics and creatives, who came together through an open call by Nieuwe Vide last year. Instead of optimizing global capitalist network flows, CLOG looks for things that pile up in the dark corners of our world. Until those streams are interrupted, hindered or reversed. At that momet CLOG tries to create new consistencies, interactions and connections.


October 7, 2022
Coordinators: ?
Attendees: ?


Photo’s: Dirkje Baris


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07 Oct 2022

CLOG Agency

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