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DOC4 residency: Lola Maggi – Spreading Seeds: Reflections on forming futures

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Spreading Seeds – reflections on forming futures has been extended and can still be seen from October 13 to November 12 (Friday to Sunday 12:00 – 17:00) and is also open during Kunstlijn 2023. (Friday to Sunday 12:00-17:00)

Our recentDOC4* artist in resident Lola Maggi (she/they) is a Chilean visual artist who considered architecture and fine arts, majoring in sculpture, at Finis Terrae University in Chile


Our current DOC4* artist in resident Lola Maggi (she/they) is a Chilean visual artist who studied architecture and visual arts, with a major in sculpture, at the Finis Terrae University in Chile.

Lola Maggi has spent the last two months participating in the Doc4 residency program. The work made during this residency is an installation which focuses on the intersections of light, sound and form. The second part of this exhibition is insight into Lola’s creative process during the residency. The space in between was created together with the Young Feminist Collective Haarlem. In conversation they asked questions that can be found in the interspace, between the installation and the space in the back.


Lola guides her research based on questions:

What is femicide? What is a feminized body?

How do “individual perceptions” affect social issues? In turn, how do social issues affect individual and societal perceptions? 

What is the importance of conceptualization in repair processes?


The audio in the exhibition contains fragments from Chilean citizens that make visible how social constructs of place (territory) maintain history, the memories of bodies made systematically invisible and censored, and those who have suffered the violence of oppressive regimes. The (Spanish) text (with English translation) can be experienced as intense, so we ask you to assess yourself whether it is suitable for you and possibly your children.

Maggi’s current practice focuses on researching and experimenting with the outcomes of actions through materials. Using geometry, Lola explores a multitude of spacial and sensory complexities as factors that reflect lived experiences. Her work with the Nieuwe Vide centers geopolitical bodies, the responsibility for materials and place, and various experiential (re)imaginings of memory. During this residency, Lola has been researching the interaction between sound, light, and space in connection to past, present, and future. During this exhibition, you will be invited to interact with their large installation tailored to this space and become part of the network creating futures together.

This residency is a part of our ongoing research series: Spreading Seeds.

During this exhibition you are invited to interact with a large installation, specially made for the space and to be part of the network that creates a future together. This residency is part of our ongoing research series: Spreading Seeds.

*DOC4 is an artist-in-residence location on the Scheepmakersdijk in Haarlem, where (inter)national artists can live and work for a while. The DOC4 program is coordinated by 37PK in collaboration with Nieuwe Vide. 37PK received the American urban artist Gaia, the Eritrean-Ethiopian writer Sulaiman Addonia and the Italian artist Luca Grimaldi here. In 2022, Nieuwe Vide received artist Harun Morrison here.

On September 30th we had an extra program called Nieuwe Vide speaker series #1: Conversations that cultivate change.

This exhibition is sponsored by local initiatives and companies:

MooiZooi, Bootzeil Haarlem & Klimmuur Haarlem  & The Set Company

We thank them for their support!


Friday – Sunday
12:00h – 17:00h

Event: Cultivating change

October 13 – November 12th


Thanks to:
Gemeente Haarlem
Klimmuur Haarlem
The Set Company

Photo’s: Bogdan Bordeianu


13 Oct t/m 12 Nov 2023

DOC4 residency: Lola Maggi – Spreading Seeds: Reflections on forming futures

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