29 Mar t/m 16 Apr 2023


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A sonically and visually hypnotic relationship between sound, vision, and movement. [tw: light flashes during performance]

The audience will venture into an immersive experience where their own actions have consequences, and they are encouraged to take part , and act . Opening into a dark space , on a stage made of black canvas , the performers will slowly come to life exposing their bodies with maximum vulnerability , nudity and blindness. The abstract journey will be focussed around exploring the possibilities of physical expression with limited use of our senses , removing one of our primary ones: Eye sight.


14th of April 20:00h

16th of April, 20:00h

Ticket PREMIÉRE 14 April 
Ticket SHOW 16 April

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Humanji was a project that involves the creation and performance of an album by Starkbravado alongside a physical creation and performance choreographed by Candela Murillo. A sonically and visually hypnotic relationship between sound , vision , and movement.

This project was co-curated by Nieuwe Vide, an exhibition space and an artistic community hub that focuses on experimentation and talent development. During this residency we are merging together music, performance, painting, and physicality. We are looking for patrons to support this project and the innovative artists involved. 

We gave workshops and open sessions to share an inside look into our process and build community in the arts. You are very welcome to come to the workshops and events upcoming time at Nieuwe Vide

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Buy a print or become a sponsor via https://www.kamusart.com/kamusa

Humanji has created limited edition artwork prints and an option of extra donation.
Donations are welcome!

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– €100 : x1 A3 Print

​- €300 : x2 Ticket for première x1 A2 Print

– €500 : x4 Ticket for première x2 A3 Prints

– €1000: Become a sponsor : special mention on poster | flyer | social media) x4 Tickets for première x3 A3 Prints


-29th March: Teken or Leave it Workshop

-2nd April: JAM Session Music and movement
15:00h – 17:00h

-12th April: Open Drawing Session: MOVING BODIES

14th of April: Nieuwe Vide, HAARLEM

16th of April: Nieuwe Vide, HAARLEM

Ticket prices: €15-25
We work with a sliding scale
Ticket PREMIÉRE 14th of April 
Ticket SHOW 16th of April
[tw: light flashes during performance]

Filmmaker and editor: Niko Murillo

Rebecca Lillich
Roberta Maimone
Anna Riley-Shepard
Arturo Vargas
Jefta Tanate
Candela Murillo
Light design:
Julia van der Veen

Director: Candela Murillo

Music composer:

Lewis Harrison

Photos: Hermance van Dijk

This project is supported by Stad Haarlem

Do you want to support this project?
Buy a print or become a sponsor via https://www.kamusart.com/kamusa

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