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Anne Mul

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Freelance social science researcher, editor, gatherer & maker

Anne Mul is a freelance interdisciplinary social science researcher, editor and maker based out of Haarlem, the Netherlands. She holds a bachelors in Public Health: Community Health Education from Portland State University and a masters in Medical Anthropology and Sociology from the Graduate School of Social Sciences at University of Amsterdam.



Her own research and making practices revolve around notions of normativities, health practices and pleasure activism. At the moment, Mul’s personal practice looks at the intersections of doing good, feeling good, and work ethic.

Mul has a research-collaboration with the visual artist Saskia Burggraaf. Their current collaborative project aims to explore and counter ways in which colonial practices (the operationalization of logics of imperialism) emerge and are reproduced in different spaces. This collaboration has bloomed from an interdisciplinary queer-feminist rhizome with the aim to imagine other futures.



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