20 Aug t/m 12 Sep 2021

We are Nieuwe Vide: studio artists exhibition

ned / eng

Have you had enough espresso, chai latte’s and mojito’s? Would you like to do something else than sit on a terrace or shop? Are you
searching for something new and exciting with a bit more depth?

From artist studios to exhibition space, we are a hub for creativity and experimentation. Professional artists and creatives across
disciplines, connected by their studio in Nieuwe Vide, are showing their work. Painting, sculpture, videoworks and installations are all mixed up in the space. Please also take a look in our studio artist shop in the hallway. It contains smaller works of the studio
artists that are for sale.

Nieuwe Vide originated out of Haarlem’s local squatters movement.
Today we continue to build on activist ideology and the DIY
mentality that forms the basis of our institution. The Vide community is constantly looking for ways to connect with others via art, communal meals and a friendly atmosphere. We welcome you to wander around!



20 Nov t/m 12 Dec 2021

In between a cute ripple of desire

31 Oct t/m 13 Nov 2021

Trust the process

14 Oct t/m 17 Oct 2021

Verena Hahn @ Supermarket

08 Oct t/m 17 Oct 2021

Phantom Menace2.5

20 Aug t/m 12 Sep 2021

We are Nieuwe Vide: studio artists exhibition

05 Jun t/m 27 Jun 2021

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