Marianne Lammersen

ned / eng

Marianne Lammersen is intrigued by the tension between technological progress on the one hand and the preservation of human identity on the other. Her sculptures, installations and collages can be seen as a critical reflection on how we think about progress as natural. She uses a variety of materials in her work, such as blown glass or ceramics, in addition to textiles and concrete.



Her practice manifests itself in images where transitions are the focus point and tension is palpable. Her works waver, balance, or are about to snap. The techniques she uses and choice of materials carry her ideas accurately. Her ‘plea for delay’ is reflected in a slow (traditional) making process. She effortlessly combines ‘high-quality’ materials such as glass and ceramics with forms of concrete, metal or wood, which have an industrial and business character. Friction arises. Shapes are drawn through the environment, and the sculptures often tower above the viewer. Architectural forms reflect themes such as ‘growth’, the ‘impersonal’ and ‘objectivity’, where more natural forms draw the viewer back to earth with their two feet. Lammersen’s work is the result of a visual analysis of this time, in which the viewer can question their position in relation to the continuous changes.


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Marianne Lammersen


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