Jan Kuhlemeier

ned / eng

Jan Kuhlemeier uses translucent layers of colour in which he searches for specific hues and colour nuances.

He uses the aspect of painting as a tool to question the border between painting and other media. In these works Kuhlemeier uses gestures determined in advance, to create these works. Seeing painting as a tool to act and react to his surroundings, Kuhlemeier combines the energies, motions and colours of his own personal experiences of blending into a landscape and translate them into image or object. Some of these energies repeat itself over and over again, constantly shaping and changing the environment. This influences the way Kuhlemeier uses his colours and materials. He currently uses gel mediums as a base combining different pigments, sometimes transparent and sometimes opaque pigments, like kobalt blue. Using pigment as a raw material reveals the different qualities of the pigment; some are chunky and will break apart, others are smooth and totally dissolve in the base material.


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