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TRIK (1976), the Netherlands. Illustrator, political cartoonist, graphic designer, art teacher at ArtEz Academy of Art & Design Zwolle.

Using razor-sharp graphic imagery to create clear and humorous cartoons, illustrations and portraits, Trik’s work cuts straight to the heart of the matter and strips news, subjects and people down to the bone. It balances on a self-created line between cartoon and graphic design with an unmistakable preference for pop- and street art. Trik has a reputation for ‘sampling’ iconic images, which he transforms into sharp-edged new school cartoons and illustrations that sometimes have a soothing effect but more often than not their message is disturbing. TRIK is allways looking for exposure as political ©artoonist, illustrator and designer. In the Netherlands and abroad he participates in various projects and is eager for more.




Listen to the podcast Nieuwe Vide Radio with studiomaker Trik


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