Candela Murillo

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Candela Murillo, performer and visual artist from the South of Spain based in Haarlem, is involved as a contemporary dancer in different projects, working as a freelance with Companies like Dadodans, Jort Faber, Sandra Kramerova. She is the artistic director of Plant Human Quarterly Magazine, an online wonder for botanical poetry.

She is developing her own collective ‘Mandarin hands’ where they merge different art disciplines together. She is constantly working on combining painting and movement together. Her most recent research explores the texture of natural pigments on the skin and the relationship with the material as paint. “I am very focused on using our bodies as a medium of rebellion. I find very fundamental the fact of being aware of our physicality and what we can do with it.”

On 2021 she received the Zelveren Krekel for the most impressive stage performance by the VSCD and Nederlands Theater Festival.

She worked as a dancer at Phoenix Dance Theater (Leeds), Jet Lean Dance Theater (Malaysia), Dance in art (The Netherlands), English National Ballet Youth Co (London), Johan Inger… She participated at the Kunst10daagsen in Bergen, and Roezt Festival (Wijk an Zee).

She is now part of the Nieuwe Vide sharing and creating her practice.



instagram: @kamusa_art

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