Sanne Kabalt

ned / eng

A projection in an pitchdark room during which a voice-over philosophises and sings. A series of portraits behind coloured handmade glass, whose visibility changes while you walk past them. A photograph that can move in its frame, which visitors can hold in their hands while surrounded by essayistic texts.
Sanne Kabalt (Amsterdam, 1989) works with photography and writing. She makes installations, videos and publications around themes such as mourning, mental illness and the relationship between humans and nature. Based on the content of her projects, she invariably arrives at new forms during the process, as if the work itself determines its form. Alongside her visual work, Sanne writes poetry and prose. She also frequently gives workshops, for example at Buitenkunst.
Scenographer & Artist

Kevin Pieterse

Bolten Vioolbouw

Product designer

Ana López Santacruz

Design & concept

Buro Blikgoed


Meli Kuhn

Sanne Kabalt


Marianne Lammersen

Candela Murillo

Eva Kreuger


Gosse van der Leij

Illustrator / Animator

Johan Klungel

programmer, composer & designer

Jaromir Mulders

Graphic Design

Brr Brr

Illustrator & cartoonist


Kees van Leeuwen

Lex van der Meij

visual artist

Beth Namenwirth

Cartoonist, animator, schilder

Janek Koza


Noortje Boer

Anne Mul

Journalist & designer

Chris Muyres


Jan Kuhlemeier

Judith Pool

Artist and Researcher

Saskia Burggraaf

Portrait photography

Nienke Veneboer