Eva Kreuger

ned / eng

The starting point of my work is always my archive.

I collect photos, slides and other visual material that I scan, print and edit. It is a repetitive process in which I look for materiality in the photographic image. I then use these edits to create collages, sculptures and installations.I investigate the interaction between two- and three-dimensional images by photographing spatial work again in my studio or by introducing flat work into the space. Themes in my work often play with the need for room for reflection and isolation.


visual artist

Beth Namenwirth

Sanne Kabalt

Kees van Leeuwen

Illustrator & cartoonist


Graphic Design

Brr Brr


Jan Kuhlemeier

Journalist & designer

Chris Muyres

Lex van der Meij

programmer, composer & designer

Jaromir Mulders


Noortje Boer

Cartoonist, animator, schilder

Janek Koza

Scenographer & Artist

Kevin Pieterse

Judith Pool

Candela Murillo

Portrait photography

Nienke Veneboer

Bolten Vioolbouw

Design & concept

Buro Blikgoed

Product designer

Ana López Santacruz

Illustrator / Animator

Johan Klungel

Anne Mul

Eva Kreuger


Meli Kuhn


Marianne Lammersen

Artist and Researcher

Saskia Burggraaf


Gosse van der Leij