Lex van der Meij

ned / eng

“For me, images are the way to present old stories in a new jacket, by using different materials, merging them, stripping them of their previous existence, but still present.
Every image has a previous life(s) in it, in the whole, or a part lives on in the image and contributes to a new visual language.”

A piece of iron, a chunk of wood, a “mindless” discarded object may, after an indefinite maturing period, contribute to a new image. In this way, a part of a piano can still retain its musicality and can be added to the resulting spatial object. Each material has one or more lives in it and by rearranging them, by combining them, new stories are born and images arise that carry the past, present and perhaps the future. The images tell stories about power and powerlessness, eternal doubt, about the search for balance, harmony, beauty and about love for craft, about the transient and perhaps much more, but I leave that to the viewer.”

Candela Murillo

Illustrator & cartoonist


Lex van der Meij


Meli Kuhn

Design & concept

Buro Blikgoed

Graphic Design

Brr Brr

Judith Pool

Illustrator / Animator

Johan Klungel


Gosse van der Leij

Eva Kreuger

Engineer and producer

Sietse Damen


Marianne Lammersen


Journalist & designer

Chris Muyres

Kees van Leeuwen

Artist and Researcher

Saskia Burggraaf

visual artist

Beth Namenwirth

Anne Mul

programmer, composer & designer

Jaromir Mulders


Jan Kuhlemeier

Portrait photography

Nienke Veneboer

Bolten Vioolbouw

Anne Mul

Cartoonist, animator, schilder

Janek Koza

Product designer

Ana López Santacruz


Noortje Boer

Illustration & Graphic design

Marina Domínguez