Nienke Veneboer

ned / eng

I am a photographer who always makes pictures using my own intuition as a starting point, with a focus on a strong vision and look.

I am fascinated by the passion and drive that someone can possess that can not be seen by everyone immediately, but is brewing from the inside. Centralized are the girls and young talented athletes.


Jan Kuhlemeier

Illustrator & cartoonist


Illustration & Graphic design

Marina Domínguez


Marianne Lammersen

Product designer

Ana López Santacruz

Lex van der Meij

Candela Murillo

Journalist & designer

Chris Muyres

Graphic Design

Brr Brr


Noortje Boer

Eva Kreuger

Anne Mul


Meli Kuhn

visual artist

Beth Namenwirth

Artist and Researcher

Saskia Burggraaf

Cartoonist, animator, schilder

Janek Koza

Design & concept

Buro Blikgoed

Illustrator / Animator

Johan Klungel

Bolten Vioolbouw

Kees van Leeuwen


Gosse van der Leij

Portrait photography

Nienke Veneboer

programmer, composer & designer

Jaromir Mulders

Judith Pool

Engineer and producer

Sietse Damen

Anne Mul