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Metamorphosis. On future bodies and living identities

At a time when society has more than ever been confronted with the fragility and vulnerability of the body, and the economic consequences that are tied to this, it is important to investigate the relationship between capitalism and the body. That is why Nieuwe Vide presents the online zine Metamorphosis. On future bodies and living identities.

The four artists in this zine have been invited to speculate on the past, present and future of bodies and living identities. From machine learning to avatars, and everything in between, we invite you to explore this digital sphere. You can choose to use different modes of exploration, by listening, reading, looking, hearing, feeling, and come back to it again to experience a different work.

Bodies (human/non-human life forms) are inextricably linked to capitalism. Every existing body is linked to a certain value. For example, often a body to a certain extent determines economic position; think of gender, health, skin colour, etc. The body can also internalize capitalism; humans force themselves to take on too much work, out of economic necessity or the feeling that ‘idle’ bodies are not appreciated in our society. Or we spend tons of money on products that will supposedly improve our bodies. Some bodies oppress other bodies for their own gain. A body, and its perceived identity, can determine someone’s position during a protest, during a pandemic, at work or when simply walking down the street. Saying that the body is regulated by capitalism therefore means many different things.

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Azul De Monte
Chris Kore
Lou Lou Sainsbury

Liesbeth Visee

Segolia Design

Image: Azul De Monte


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Online Zine: Metamorphosis

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